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Welcome to the Scripters Forum!

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The Wheatstone scripting language is ultra-powerful and opens up a whole world of possibilities for your Wheatnet devices. We hope you will use this forum to ask questions, answer the questions posed by other users if you can, and share screenshots and scripts that you have created for your facility so that others can take them and modify them to accomplish similar tasks in their own plants.

We love seeing the magic our customers are creating with Screenbuilder and the scripting functionality in the LXE console, talent stations and other devices that support scripting.

Here's an example from our friends at Beasley in Boston.


This touchscreen was built using Wheatstone ScreenBuilder for sending network feeds to Westwood One along with the correct automation tones and triggers.

“When they hit the Patriots button, that gives them control of those triggers and that particular delay as well as talkback in certain places in the talk studio and control rooms, depending on which network they’re talking with,” explained Dennis Knudsen, who did the routing backend scripting for Beasley Boston’s four music stations and enlisted the help of Chris Penny with Agile Broadcasting to script routing for the WBZ 98.5 network end.

We think if you give scripting a try you'll find ways to improve your productivity and that of your Engineering and on-air staff that you might never have thought possible. Let us know what you come up with! Maybe we will feature your solution in our monthly newsletter WheatNews! You can subscribe to it here. The current issue is always on our website as well.
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